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Crystal Nic Salts - 10ml E-liquids - Box of 5

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Crystal Nic Salts are a type of nicotine formulation used in e-liquids for vaping. They are designed to provide a smoother and more satisfying nicotine experience compared to traditional freebase nicotine. Here are some key points to understand about Crystal Nic Salts:

  • Nicotine Salt: Crystal Nic Salts contain nicotine in its salt form, which is a more stable and less harsh version of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. This allows for higher nicotine concentrations without the excessive throat hit.
  • Smooth Inhalation: Crystal Nic Salts are formulated to deliver nicotine more smoothly and efficiently to the body. The salt form of nicotine allows for quicker absorption and a faster "nicotine rush" compared to freebase nicotine.
  • Higher Nicotine Strengths: Crystal Nic Salts are available in higher nicotine strengths, typically ranging from 20mg/ml to 50mg/ml. This is advantageous for individuals who require a stronger nicotine hit or are transitioning from smoking to vaping.
  • Reduced Vapor Production: Crystal Nic Salts produce less vapor compared to freebase nicotine e-liquids. This is beneficial for vapers who prefer a more discreet vaping experience or those using low-power devices.
  • MTL Vaping: Crystal Nic Salts are commonly used with mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices that simulate the draw of a traditional cigarette. The higher nicotine concentrations are suitable for MTL vaping, which involves taking a drag into the mouth before inhaling into the lungs.
  • Flavor Retention: Crystal Nic Salts are known for their ability to preserve the flavor profile of e-liquids, resulting in a more pronounced and satisfying taste.
  • User-Friendly: Crystal Nic Salts are easy to use and do not require specialized equipment. They can be used with a wide range of pod systems, vape pens, and MTL tanks.

Overall, Crystal Nic Salts offer a convenient and satisfying option for vapers seeking higher nicotine strengths and a smoother vaping experience.



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Crystal Nic Salts - 10ml E-liquids - Box of 5
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  • 10mg / Blue Sour Raspberry - £8.00
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  • 10mg / Blueberry Pomegranate - £8.00
  • 10mg / Blueberry Raspberry - £8.00
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  • 20mg / Blue Razz Lemonade - £8.00
  • 20mg / Blue Sour Raspberry - £8.00
  • 20mg / Blueberry Cherry Cranberry - £8.00
  • 20mg / Blueberry Pomegranate - £8.00
  • 20mg / Blueberry Raspberry - £8.00
  • 20mg / Cherry Ice - £8.00
  • 20mg / Cherry Peach Lemonade - £8.00
  • 20mg / Glacier Mint - £8.00
  • 20mg / Lemon & Lime - £8.00
  • 20mg / Strawberry Kiwi - £8.00
  • 20mg / Strawberry Raspberry Ice - £8.00
  • 20mg / Watermelon Ice - £8.00
  • 20mg / Watermelon Strawberry Raspberry - £8.00
  • 20mg / Mr Blue - £8.00

Crystal Nic Salts - 10ml E-liquids - Box of 5

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